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What has been updated...? What to see? What's new here? Questions easily answered by the Page Progress. So go on and look at the progress! There actually MIGHT be some good news. :P And remember, only the latest 10 entries are shown. Happy reading.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate around Christmas :) Also, Happy New Year! I'm making two games I'm actively working on! Go here for more info! Anyways, sorry I'm so lazy :) Oh ya, Biggy quit. That's all. CIAO!

Wow! Long time, no updates!! ACK!!! Well, I am lazy :P Anyways, I added my new game, Slottery, to the File Lair under Games.


And now, there's also a game I made, sitting in the file lair. Check it out! email me back with bug reports at


Tadum! Another update! Well, still haven't talk to Ceiltsei about the update to the File Lair, but don't worry, I will today or towmorrow. Actually, I didn't even see him yesterday. Oh well. I added another link, and was gonna add another one to a person who linked us, but I forgot the URL *innocent smile*


Haha! I did update, just like I said I would! Soon, I hope, me and Ceiltsei will get some files up, I promise. I updated the links again, and added some news...again. Jeez :)

Netscape never DID become unscrewed. *sigh* Oh well. Anyways, I updated the News and the Links. Added a new Rating system :) Also, I fixed some links and removed a broken one.


I just finished a program. Nothing special. I'm gonna make a GUI for it, though. I'll upload it as soon as Netscape is un-screwed. (=


We have another member. See the 'about us' page for more details... ajmitch

Finally, some tutorials are in the file lair! At the moment we have a C and a C++ tutorial for Coronado Enterprises. Soon we hope to have more on other topics, like 3d graphics. ajmitch

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yet, I'm sad.. Why? I'm getting my computer fixed this next Monday probably! Whoopee!! I can't believe it! I'm so happy! ....Why am I sad? I'm listening to Aeris's theme... *sniff* Well, that's all. *sob* G-goodbye.. ~StoverTech~

1,000 hits! Yeah!! Now for our next goal. Hmmmm... 1500 sounds good to me! '1500??! If you update every time you reach a goal like that, this page would update every 2 months!' Naaaa... I've entered my web page in a few things and I hope to reach it quick. What does that mean to YOU? It means we'll try even harder to keep this place going!

Great news, though. Tripod just gave all normal members 11 megs of free space! We're paying for ours, and we get 22 MEGS!! Wow.... Cool. =) Easy paths, big space, awesome. These guys will hit pay dirt if they add better things for members (such as counters, better guestbooks..) and E-Mail. We DO have E-Mail, but it's just a forwarding address... =( Ah well, I'm happy.

So now that we have 1,000 big ones, should we do something big? Probably nothing. However, if we get a few replies on this, we'll revamp the page! That is, I will if Dade can't. My computer I program with (this is my Dad's, so I can't put stuff on here) is broken down, so I probably won't start on a project until around the end of summer (if I'm lucky)...... :( So, that means no projects from me.. Maybe I can get Dade to start one. OR maybe I could start a Story Page of something. I definately need E-Mail on it, though. So please, people, this site will grow with feedback. PLEASE...

One last note. Our QB Top 50 doesn't seem to work. I thought, 'Hmmm...We're not even on the list!' And the 50th person has like, 5 votes. So click on it and see. I'll check on that someday. Since I'm bustling with progress today, I'll save that for later. Oh, and look, I've rambled a lot. (Not as much as Tsugumo does, mind you. He has around 2 pages of news in one entry, heh. No wonder he limits his progress to 5 entries (I think)) So, make some E-Mail for us and I'm sure I'll update more and more. 1,000 hits. Thanks, everyone. ~StoverTech~

Yeah, just when I say we're updating a lot I get wrapped up in something else. Heh heh. Here's why: I moved into a new house. It's in the same little old town (where over 50% of the population is 60+.....sigh..."Anime? What's that?") just a nicer house. So that's great. 900 hits! Yes, 900. Now for 1000. What are you gonna do for 1000?? Probably nothing. :( I can't draw too well (so I can't be like Tsugumo with his outstanding pics). :p Anyways, summer is here, for me. We got out Thursday. And.... I got sick. The best way to start the summer! I still have a little of it (I walked all the way from my new house to my old house to use the computer we haven't moved yet. Why? To update! ;)) However, I'm the Salutorian (or whatever that strange word is). All A's again. :) Heh heh. I got like 10 different awards. And I had to be an usher. Long story, let's just say I hated it. So, I guess I'll say goodbye now. Oh yeah, someone actually E-Mailed us!! It was about a kink in the File Lair. Fixed. Cough cough, I think I'll walk ALL the way back home, now. ACK! Oh yeah, and if you haven't noticed, I skipped topics like no writer should do. Forgive me, I'm sick. Well, maybe a huge update sooner or later.. For now, go play FF Tactics or something. :) I'm bored. Summer's started, and I'm already bored! And happy. ARGH! OK, I'm really stopping now. I have no idea what my emotions are for now. ***ZAP!!!*** You never saw this update. Heh heh HACK COUGH!! Ughn...... ~StoverTech~

Haha! 700 hits, almost 900!! Jeez! THANKS! Well, gotta run. Haven't seen StoverTech for a LONG time. Bye


How about that? We're updating more!! :) Dade and I finally found each other, and we updated the File Lair. Thanx to Dade for finding the links. So, go check it out. Back yet? Good. Now, I'm still adding Sublime to everywhere. Allllllso, I need to change the ListBox MIDI viewer idea around some more. I probably'll leave it alone for the NormalViewer. That's the disadvantages of having a sorry web browser......get a Java-compatible browser, for crying out loud! :) Heh, that's all for now.

LATER..... Check it out. On the ListBox viewer, you can select New MIDI. Instad of Stop, Play, I've eliminated it to one simple click. For the Listbox, only, however. I'll figure something out for NormalViewer. And, the 'only good links' idea is about to drown. However, a little convo needs to happen before that. Not to mention Dade recommended we should RATE the links. So, sit on the edge of your seat, drool, and wait for the decision. It'll be in probably be tomorrow. That's all, I believe. Really! Um... Yep! All! That's it! Ack, goodbye. ~StoverTech~ *** Note to myself, don't forget to delete last entry.. Only the last 10 entries, ya know! :) ***

Greetingz. I've taken NZP out of the links, and added some useful info to the main page. Now it tells what was updated, when, and who. I'll have to tell Dad-oo about this, now! :) Hope he likes it. I have a great idea for the MIDIs. So if you find them temporarily disabled, hold your horses! Heh heh, though I doubt you will. If Square.Net goes down, then we'll need a new source of FF MIDIs. We got an E-Mail the other day about giving as FF Tactics MIDIs (Atma). I'm not exactly ADDING MIDIs, anyway... Oh yeah, and we need to start getting some more viewers. Hopefully I'll get some links, and I'm about to get rid of the 'Links that are worth it' idea. It's not like it hurts to see a bad link. So E-Mail us of them, please. C-yas.

LATER..... Changed the MIDI thing around for the ListBox Viewer. Check it out! =) Heh heh, I need to get another hobby.. ~StoverTech~