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Welcome to the News page.. This contains all the news buzzing around, as well as cool programs coming out. Many topics, many ideas. Check it out and see how things are movin'. Did that new release come out? Is that rumor really true? What's that great new page...? You get the point. :) Enjoy! Oh, and the latest 10 updates are shown here.


Ya! I'm so glad I don't have to go to my old school anymore, it was like a prison. Anyway, I started school on the 2nd, and it isn't that bad (even though I HATE school.) Anyways, Ceiltsei is helping me learn C/C++ some more. Let's see, oh ya! I PROMISE I will add some more programs! What was the last one we added? Oh ya, those tutorials that ajmitch added. Me and Ceiltsei are gonna have to do something... Anyways, see ya later!

Hmmm....Tsugumo has dropped TheGame due to lack of interest. I, Dade, have just picked up drawing Anime and VB5 programming. Sorry for the lack of updates, Summer was way boring. No motivation. But on Wednesday, that will change. I start school, and I will update more. Wierd, you say? No. Now I will need a break from school and work on things like the page.


WOOHOO!! Now we only have cool people in Sublime. StoverTech was starting to annoy me, and Peter just never got online, which was also annoying. Ceiltsei is cool though. CIAO!

Hi again! Go read the progress first for some explainations on the QBasic.Com updates (kind of a standard, now - don't update for a month (or year), you update like QBasic.Com). =) Anyhoo, Tsugumo has hisf 15,000 pic up! Check it out. Nice. He has a whole bunch of ideas for TheGame, now. Summer's coming!! I'd rather see 2D FF2-style TheGame than Chrono. Ah, I'm stuck in the past. I have FF Tactics, though. Nice game. Orlandu's great. You just use one attack, and you've eliminated like half the enemies! NZP is back. Yep. Heh heh, I wish he'd make up his mind.. ;) Bustling with news, but my mind's a blank. I have other things on my mind. What, you ask? I told you! Look at progress! Heh heh. Oh yeah, and I STILL have no idea what's going on with Square.Net! I hope it comes back! ~StoverTech~

Not much news at all. Only thing - Square.Net seems to be down. Try the link. Blank page... Hmmmmm..... Oh yeah! Not too long till Tsugumo starts on TheGame once more! Go see his 10000 pic and his new story. Rather a disappointment compared to his 5000. Other than that, see the Updates for our stuff. ~StoverTech~

:) I bet your you're here because of the Progress page. If not, go read that first. OK, now we're off. I've been really busy AND I ALMOST quit Sublime.. But I decided against. I don't here you cheering.... :) I'm back, and ready to boost Sublime. OK, now, the news. Lots of it. NZP has bombed. No more! "Oh no, NOW where am I gonna chat??" Tsugumo took over the chat room. QBasic.Com was updated. Maybe he'll update a little more than once a year. :) Tsugumo has 10,000 hits, now. His 10,000 pic isn't as good as his 5,000 one. And I gotta order a Tsugumo doll! Heh heh, that's about all the news. !! Except someone E-Mailed us with a C++ link and... I lost it! So please, if you see this, please re-e-mail(heh heh) me. Also..Square.Net is gone! I haven't heard anything about it leaving, so maybe it's only temporary. That's all, folks! Next time I'LL try to update more than every month or so.. :) ~StoverTech~ (is back)

Hey! Haven't updated in a LONG time! Well, somehow I managed to get StoverTech EXTREMELY mad at me, and he seems to be ignoring me. So, I guess it's up to me to decide what to do with him :)


Hey, does it seem to you that I'm the only one who updates the news page? SCROLLS DOWN AND LOOKS Yep! Maybe the others are CHICKEN!! ....(everyone's gonna kill me for that, heh heh).... Well, at the top of the list, I can actually make not-so-bad GIFs now! I got PSP! YAY!!! Ahem, in other news.... ..... uh..... I guess that's it! The counter's coming close, now. It's like at 267 or something. I don't know what to do for reaching it. Maybe I'll make some GIFs! Heh heh. OK, I'm done.

LATER..... I got a lot more MIDIs up! Aeris's theme is my favorite. I love that song! I'd quote some stuff, but I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't finished or don't have the game.... :) Heh heh. ~StoverTech~

Hello. All this final stuff is over. Here's the latest news: Bahamut is gonna have a page on here for his game. We tried to get an interview, but man..... We never got it done. We had to do it over and over and over and over and at least over once more... We finally ended up forgetting the stupid thing and now he'll have a page for his game. RATM is working for Dex. He's making the title.. Heh.. I thought I'd bring this up because they had a nice little brawl. :) That's all I can think of. C-ya! ~StoverTech~

Attention all! Attention all!! Tsugumo has updated. :) Yep, but the only news is bad news. Tsugumo has some final exams he has to take. What does it mean to you? No updates for a while. And here's the big news. TheGame has once more been canceled!! ACK!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, Tsugumo claims he'll start back up in the summer. :) Onto other news. Our File Lair has files! And the Links page are up. YAY!! Rapid updates are coming. That's about all the news. Come back for more great (yeeeeaaaaahhh) news. C-ya! ~StoverTech~

Hey. Lot's happening here. See the progress page. Tsugumo STILL hasn't updated!! :) Neo finally did. NeoChat is great. Go there!!! Well, not much news otherwise. See the progress page, no need to retype anything.... ;) ~StoverTech~

Hello. Not much happening. It's not 4:30AM, and school has started up again... DIE!!! Heh, I like school, I just seem to enjoy insulting school.. ;) Dade had a great idea - put Java on! I changed it around, though, and it's pretty cool. Not much news, except I'm starting a tutorial. It should be up sooner or later.. Welp, that's all 4 now! ~StoverTech~

Started the page. Took me a while to sort it all out. No fancy HTML editors. Pure Notepad. :) Yes! Kewl. It's 4:30 AM and I'm dead tired... I gotta get some....some....!@ Oh..Sleep. :) Look around. My fingers are falling off.. =) This is a News update, so I'll put something exciting in: We started this company today... Go to NeoZones and chat. Tsu's probably there..if it's not 4:30 in the morning.... :) Heh heh. Well, I'll update later... C-ya. Check out the other pages. ~StoverTech~