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Hello, and welcome to Sublime Productions! Browse around and see what we have...

Our goal is to provide C/C++,QB, and Euphoria applications that fit the needs of programmers. Another important goal is to supply commercial software for your needs - and of course, games for your wants. :)

Have a suggestion or comment? Want to notify us of something important? No? E-mail us anyways. :) We love E-Mail here at Sublime Productions. We will reply to all E-Mail.

The number of hits here depends on you. It tells us how many have been here, how good the page is, ect. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HITS! WE APPRECIATE THEM SO MUCH, AND SEND US SOME FEEDBACK! :) Our current goal is now 1,500 hits. This many people have been here since Jan. 11, 1998:

Do you want your very on domain name, at least 15 MB, for ONLY $30/month? Send e-mail to Diablo and ask him about it. Oh, and tell him that Marcade got you interested, PLEASE! P.S. No, we aren't getting paid for this, it's out of the goodness of our hearts. :)

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Remote Control - You'll be seeing this whenever there are a variety of pages to choose from at a certain section. For example, in the File Lair, it has options of all the pages accessible there. This nifty invention will guide your way along Sublime Productions's home page.

Other Notes.....

Want your note on here? It's free for a little advertising or some other deal. E-Mail us and tell us your note! Oh yeah, and currently the maximum notes on here is 5 notes including Sublime's (except for this note...). And remember: if we have an important note and it's filled up with the maximum, we'll either extend the maximum or take one off. Thanks for reading. *SP!*

Welcome our newest employee, Biggy!

We are at 1,000 hits!!! See progress page! Yea, yea, yea. La la la. Woo-hoo! Uh........ OK, I'm stopping now. Really. Right now.

Still no notes for the first note. C'mon, people! Here's an easy way to advertise junk!! :)