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Links links links.... The World Wide Web wouldn't mean anything if it wasn't for OTHER home pages. Heh heh, you know that (I hope)! Click on one of these links, and find other pages besides us out there.. Click around and have fun! ;)

Your site need more hits(bop bop!)? Or just want some more sites like ours...? Check out our web rings and Link Exchanges below.

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Wanna add a link? Send it to us. Click Feedback/E-Mail and send it! We'll ONLY put up the ones we want, so don't E-Mail us saying, "Sooo.... My page isn't GOOD ENOUGH for you, eh???" If you REALLY want it up there, we'll tell ya what WE THINK you need. Don't take ANY offense. Also, if we have too many links, we won't accept it. Sorry, but we don't want a bunch of dead links we have to keep up with. The rating system goes from 1-5. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Tsugumo's Lair - A really worthwhile visit. Great art, nice programs, smooth layout. This guy is great. Also, visit his chat! Rating: 5

Cyclone Soft - This is Ceiltsei's page. It has a really pleasing layout. GREAT content. Ceiltsei is the God of HTML and Web Graphics. Rating: 5
Magister's Outpost - Wanna learn QB? C/C++? ASM? HTML and more?? Go here. This page REALLY helps for the beginners to advanced. A few links, has a lotta programming languages, great help for each of 'em, and a ready-2-help-u person behind the page. Rating: 4 (docked for lack of updates)
Future $oftware - Looking around for some files? Links? Other..? ;) Well then, go here. QBASIC, QuickBASIC, and Visual Basic files. Good layout, good files, just all around a good site. :) Rating: 5
Legend of Talibah - An amazing RPG. And I quote Tsugumo, " RPG that's going to be wicked!" Heh heh. Go there. It updates every week. Good layout, awesome RPG, neat old MIDI. :) Rating: 4 (docked for lack of demos)
The QB Link Exchange - Whoever thought QBasic would get this big? If you have heard of Link Exchange, you have to go here! If you haven't, go here! :) Great place to be. Rating: 5
Pem II Homepage - Pem II, the new QBasic shell. Looks promissing check out the pictures and stuff. Great page, nicely done. A great QBASIC program, too bad it wasn't in C++. Rating: 3 (docked for lack of updates)
SonicBlue Productions - SonicBlue is a great guy who really helps me (Dade) in QBasic. He even got his own domain name! Rating: 5
NeoZones Productions - A great page with an eye pleasing layout. Tons of files, and the QB Gazette :) Rating: 5