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OK, this is for programmers to use with and in their programs. From sprite editors to compilers. So what's Utilities for? For the programs for peoplle to use (software) like a money manager or whatever. OK, 'nough said about Utilities. Induldge you programmers, you! ;)

Programming Tools
Title Author Description Links Form Language
QBasic V1.1 Think... QBasic V1.1... OK, leave if you haven't heard of QBasic. Unfortunately, this isn't as swell as 4.5, but it'll do. Or, you can always go get the pirate copy! It's on your head, and you won't find it here. For this? Go to a QB Page in our links.. ZIP Uh... Ask dear Bill.
KeyInput Eric Carr Press multiple keys without any ASM code.. How about that? ;) None ZIP QBasic