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Games...where would we be without games?? :) Here's a list for ya. Most of 'em are incomplete, seeing as how these are in the File Lair (programmers section). Anyways, enjoy yourself, and have fun with the games!

Title Author Description Links Form Language
Ziel Jay Cook A great demo similar to the game Zelda on NES. [Info on Ziel | Screenshot] ZIP QBasic
QB Matrix Tim Truman An awesome clone of the very classical game, TETRIS. None ZIP QBasic
Extreme Velocity Currently Unknown A not-that-bad racing game with great graphics. None BAS QBasic
Ping-Pong game Andrew Mitchell (ajmitch) A ping-pong/squash game in 320*200*256 Zip Euphoria
Slottery Dade My new Slots game, completely finished and bug free. Nope ZIP QBasic