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Welcome to the File Lair. This contains QB and C/C++ files - files from all over the place. Here you'll find Tile Editors, Games, useful utilities, and many more groups that YOU probably never would of expected in a normal place.. :) Look around and induldge in the wonderful world of programming.. Aaahhhhh... If you're EVER gonna find out anything, you need examples. Here, we have source for a lot of things. Have fun!

BEGINNERS: Looking for a place to start? Let our tutorials boost you right up with the pros. Click on interesting programs and figure out their source. Look at things 'till they're engraved in your skull.. :) That's the way to learn! Stick your head full of programming IFs, ANDs, and others. Heh heh. (sounds real fun, doesn't it? it's better when you experience it..)

Use the Remote Control to get around here.. :) To your left is this device. This will smoothly guide your way through our pages of the File Lair. It'll be under a group. So click and have fun! Heh...